5 reasons to send your child to a nature camp this year  2018-05-23 15:13:04

Kids can be a handful during the year but summer time is when their excitement knows no bounds! It’s a lot of work to keep their enthusiasm high and yet to see that they are learning something and having fun at the same time. Summer camps are the best way to introduce kids to hobbies and extracurricular activities, which they may even want to take over to the next year and here are 5 reasons why it’s such a good idea to send your child to a nature camp this year –


1. Kids learn to appreciate nature


The only vegetation kids are exposed to through the year is the potted plants at home or the sparse trees lining the streets in the city! There are hardly any lung spaces in cities anymore and the battle for clean air is on with cities like Delhi implementing the Odd Even rule, other cities are not far behind. In such a scenario, it’s important for kids to know what nature really looks and feels like and to realize how important it is for their future.


At nature camps kids live in forested area breathing clean air and wake up to the sound of chirping birds. The morning mist in the early morning is anything unlike the smog in the cities. They learn about bugs and animals and how the jungle thrives!


2. Kids become brave


Yes, kids are always braving things in the cities, the pollution, the traffic, bad company! But these are all negative influences and only magnify the defense mechanism of kids, what they need is a positive reinforcement. They need activities and challenges which make them feel like they have accomplished and in turn feel brave and proud of themselves.


At nature camps, kids also do a lot of adventure activities like rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing which test their physical ability but also helps them get over their fear of height, self doubt and makes them feel brave after completing the task!


3. Kids learn to appreciate food


Kids have access to all kinds of food at home, families are also eating more often and the variety and taste can be mind boggling. This also makes kids fussy eaters as they can demand what they want to eat and parents are at wits end in ensuring they choose nutritious and wholesome food.


In the middle of the forest, a nature camp provides only basic and nutritious food, the cuisine is mostly local and unlike home. Kids tend to realize that it takes a lot of effort for the raw material to arrive at the campsite and cook hot meals for them. They also learn not to waste food as they see what goes into making it. They also learn where their food comes from as they visit farms at these camps.


4. Kids learn to be independent


Mornings in most homes are chaotic, the rush to wake up and get the kids ready to school, seems like an event everyday! However at nature camps there are no parents to look after the kids, they learn to unpack on their own, take out their clothes for the day and manage to pack them as well!


They learn to keep their belongings safe and not create a mess at the camp. They also learn to be aware of their surroundings and conduct themselves in public when parents are not there. Kids truly become independent at camps!


5. Kids make new friends


 Many kids are shy and find it difficult to engage and socialize with kids from other schools and backgrounds, sometimes kids are boisterous and talkative but find themselves closing in when it comes to other groups. Camps are a great place for kids to become social and make new friends who are not from their school or neighborhood. They learn about each others lifestyle, their stories and find similarities. This makes them more aware of other communities and on their way to become global citizens who are very tolerant!