What is the right age to send your child to summer camp?  2016-02-11 11:23:21

Camping as an experience has been a part of the western culture for ages now, where children are inspired to live outdoors, in the process learning to appreciate the outdoors and become independent. The benefits of camping are galore and Indians have now started appreciating the same with a lot of campsites opening up and camping equipment being available.

In most countries abroad the national parks have the amenities and other safety and emergency measures in place, so that their citizens can appreciate nature. However, due to the unique terrain and other social factors we have not been able to have similar camping facilities. In the USA for example, a family can simply go to a beautiful national park and set up camp for a few days, here in India you cannot do that and hence families have to depend on private lands for camping and other tour organizers to do it for them.

Aavishkaar India started nature and adventure camps exclusively for children with the same philosophy in mind, to promote India’s vast culture and natural heritage and introduce kids to the joy of camping!

Aavishkaar India takes children in the age group of 8 -15 years for camping, however each child is unique and you can see for yourself with these indicators if he/she is ready to go camping on their own –

  • Take care of their basic hygiene functions like bathing, dressing up etc
  • Communicate their needs to an adult who is not their parent/relative
  • Able to socialize with other children without supervision or support of parent
  • Physically active and can go entire day without a compulsory nap time

Parents usually have these common refrains about sending their child on the first camping trip –

  • Never been without parents overnight
  • Doesn’t know how to take care of belongings
  • Has a habit of bedwetting
  • Won’t eat everything
  • Is very naughty and does not listen to any other adults

There are many other unique issues which parents bring up but it is the purpose of a camp to address these issues in a small way. Children learn in the company of other children, they will also take of their belongings, they will eat what everybody else is eating and when they don’t see their parents their own survival instinct kicks in and they take care of themselves.

Aavishkaar India has experienced instructors who have introduced the joy of camping of thousands of children, a majority of them first time campers! http://aavishkaarindia.com/karadimalai2016.php is a perfect first timers camp.