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Weekend Classes
Flexible timings
Individual attention
Sketching is the fundamental building block for an artist. It is used to develop a personal visual vocabulary. Sketches are visual exercises in problem solving and provides the opportunity to hone your observational skills.
For an artist, sketching is the most uninhibited and free-est form of the creative process.
Sketching is an art form in itself and gives insight into the artist's soul.
PENCIL ART ACADEMY takes up the challenge of honing this skill of sketching through it's Authorised Learning Centres.

Authorised Learning Centres.

Inviting all pencil loving artists to be a part of PAA and start an Authorised Learning Centre to use your drawing skills to earn.

AAVISHKAAR INDIA, announce PENCIL ART ACADEMY - AUTHORISED LEARNING CENTRES, specialised training programs in Art, using exclusively pencils / graphite.

These programs are open for school children, young artists and adults who are keen to hone their drawing / sketching skills under professional guidance with individual attention.

The programs will be useful for students who aspire to join fashion designing industry, animation, visual communication, canvas painting and graphic designing.

PENCIL ART ACADEMY - AUTHORISED LEARNING CENTRE, offers Basic and Advanced programs which will be customised according to the need of the student.

These programs are conducted by experienced professionals.

The programs will be conducted over the weekends, with flexible timings, to suit the schedules of busy school children and industry aspirants.

PENCIL ART ACADEMY - AUTHORISED LEARNING CENTREs plan to conduct exhibitions, workshops involving visiting professional artists from the above mentioned fields of commercial art.

Exhibitions are planned to build the confidence.

Session duration : 2 hrs.

Saturday & Sunday or any 2 days convenient to the person running PENCIL ART ACADEMY - AUTHORISED LEARNING CENTRE.

Pencil Art Academy helps aspirants who would like to join Fashion Designing, Animation & Gaming Industry, Visual Communication, Graphic Designing and Canvas Painting, by training through proven techniques to develop the existing skills.

These industries are flourishing and very remunerative. PAA offers to train these aspirants in a very affordable and absolutely flexible options.

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